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Here are some short Windows "bat" command files mostly using ImageMagick that I find useful for processing images. I use some as they stand, or copy and paste the commands into a more complex script. Some of these are used every day, and some are failed experiments. I have thrown them all together. You have been warned.

Most of these scripts are not in my standard regression tests, so may not be updated with new releases of ImageMagick.

The scripts are ordered by size.

I keep image-processing scripts in a location named %PICTBAT%, which includes the trailing backslash. Hence the general calling line is:

 call %PICTBAT%name.bat


The source file for this web page is snippets.h1. To re-create this web page, execute "snippets.bat", which creates a file that is included in snippets.h1, then procH1's it.

This page, including the images, is my copyright. Anyone is permitted to use or adapt any of the code, scripts or images for any purpose, including commercial use.

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