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Shape centres

Various definitions.

For processing masks and distortions, we often need to use a centre of a shape. (I am British, so I spell it "centre", not "center".)

Sample input

We create a sample source.

%IMG7%magick ^
  -size 300x200 xc:Black ^
  -fill White ^
  -draw "polygon 140,10 280,180 160,110 110,150 20,160" ^

The script

The script shpCent.bat finds the centre according to one of these definitions of "centre".

In the examples, we show the found coordinates, and mark the location with a coloured dot.

call %PICTBAT%shpCent ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  furthest ^

set shpc_1_ 

%IMG7%magick ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  -fill orange ^
  -draw "translate %shpc_1__CX%,%shpc_1__CY% circle 0,0,0,5" ^
call %PICTBAT%shpCent ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  centroid ^

set shpc_2_ 

%IMG7%magick ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  -fill orange ^
  -draw "translate %shpc_2__CX%,%shpc_2__CY% circle 0,0,0,5" ^
call %PICTBAT%shpCent ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  boundingbox ^

set shpc_3_ 

%IMG7%magick ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  -fill orange ^
  -draw "translate %shpc_3__CX%,%shpc_3__CY% circle 0,0,0,5" ^
call %PICTBAT%shpCent ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  60cx40c ^

set shpc_4_ 

%IMG7%magick ^
  shpc_src.png ^
  -fill orange ^
  -draw "translate %shpc_4__CX%,%shpc_4__CY% circle 0,0,0,5" ^


A trivial script could identify whether a given point is within the shape, ie whether that pixel is white.

For some purposes, we need to avoid centres that make boundaries reentrant, meaning that we should be able to draw a line from the centre to any point on the boundary without leaving the shape. From the center, we should be able to "see" the entire boundary. Some shapes have no centres that pass this test. It would be useful to have a process for finding all centres that do pass the test, or at least to test one given point.


For convenience, .bat scripts are also available in a single zip file. See Zipped BAT files.


rem %1 input image, white image on black background
rem %2 centre: "furthest" or "centroid" or "boundingbox"
rem      or "XxY" where X and Y are numbers, both possibly suffixed by %% or c or p.
rem      Default is coordinate at furthest distance from shape edge.
rem %3 prefix for environment variables _CX and _CY

@setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

@call echoOffSave

call %PICTBAT%setInOut %1 shpc

set sCent=%2
if "%sCent%"=="." set sCent=
if "%sCent%"=="" set sCent=furthest

set EnvPref=%3
if "%EnvPref%"=="." set EnvPref=
if "%EnvPref%"=="" set EnvPref=shpc

if /I "%sCent%"=="furthest" (

  for /F "usebackq tokens=1,4,5 delims=:, " %%A in (`%IMG7%magick ^
    %INFILE% ^
    -colorspace Gray ^
    -morphology Distance Euclidean:7 ^
    -alpha off -auto-level ^
    -define "identify:locate=maximum" ^
    -define "identify:limit=1" ^
    -identify ^
    NULL:`) do (
    if /I "%%A"=="Gray" (
      set CX=%%B
      set CY=%%C

) else if /I "%sCent%"=="centroid" (

  for /F "usebackq skip=1 tokens=3-6 delims=, " %%A in (`%IMG7%magick ^
    %INFILE% -alpha off -threshold 50% ^
    -define "connected-components:verbose=true" ^
    -connected-components 8 ^
    NULL:`) do (
    if "%%D"=="gray(255)" (
      set CX=%%A
      set CY=%%B

) else if /I "%sCent%"=="boundingbox" (

  for /F "usebackq" %%L in (`%IMG7%magick ^
    %INFILE% -alpha off -threshold 50% ^
    -trim ^
    -format "CX=%%[fx:(w-1)/2+page.x]\nCY=%%[fx:(h-1)/2+page.y]\n" ^
    info:`) do set %%L

) else (
  for /F "usebackq" %%A in (`%IMG7%magick ^
    %INFILE% -format "WW=%%w\nHH=%%h\n" ^
    info:`) do set %%A

  call parseXxY2 !WW! !HH! acw %sCent%

  set CX=!acw_X!
  set CY=!acw_Y!

echo %0: CX=%CX% CY=%CY%

if "!CX!"=="" (
  echo %0: sCent=%sCent%  no CX
  exit /B 1

if ERRORLEVEL 1 exit /B 1

call echoRestore

endlocal & set %EnvPref%_CX=%CX%& set %EnvPref%_CY=%CY%

All images on this page were created by the commands shown.

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%IMG7%magick -version
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Features: Cipher DPC HDRI OpenCL OpenMP(2.0) 
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